VIDEO: Kid Started Dancing At A Concert. 15 Seconds Later Every Eye In The Arena Was On Him!

Have you ever met a child as just thought, Man, this child was destined to dance? If you havent yet, you are going to see one in real life!

#3 Performance!

#3 Performance!

Do you have happy feet and you just love to move them whenever given a chance? However, have you ever stolen yourself a chance even when no one was quiet aware of your presence or talent. If you are thinking who does that on this holy earth, then you are to witness your grounds sliding off your feet.

#2 Born Dancer

#2 Born Dancer

Here is a kid from the audience of an episode of Rascall Flatts show in Pikeville, Kentucky. This born dancer just got his ass off his seats and started flaunting his moves to LMFAO's 'Provocative and I know it'. The kids initially grabbed the attention around his vicinity but soon enough the entire stadium was cheering for the tiny dancer.

Watch his trippin' performance in the video ahead!

#1 The Video

Even though you might have already sensed the essence of the post but still we always save the best for the last. We got the video of the kid dancing and kicking some real asses of the seats and making them cheer out loud for him He does not fear those humungous spotlight dazzling on him making eyes gluing on him, rather he seems to enjoy the most. Now, can you beat this?

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