VIDEO: Heidi Falls Into A Terrified Simon's Lap After A 14-Years Old Contestant Does This On Stage

Well, what was the most terrific thing you did at 14?!

#3 America's Got Talent

#3 America's Got Talent

Well, everyone who's following the show since its inception, will AGREE to this! Each season, we come across talents that are mind-blowing and SUPERB!

Each season is more and more terrific than the previous ones and during each season there's atleast one performance that leaves the judges as well as the audiences AWESTRUCK!

This one is one among those fantastic performances! This 14 Year Old does something so incredible that left Heidi and Simon dumbstruck!

#2 She's just 14

#2 She's just 14

While a vast majority of us at that age are probably busy with our studies or happy with the much hyped computer games or are just goofing around, this 14 year old is incredibly different

Sofie Doss, the normal looking teenager of 14 had amazing flexibility in her body! The grace with which she completed the entire act is absolutely AWESOME!

The entire panel of judges were in awe after her performance! Catch the entire performance in the video ahead

#1 The Video

She blows up the minds of everyone who watched her in the last sequence of her performance, so watch it till the end! Truly, this gave me a reality check!

Well, she does some regular things like going to classes and studying regularly, but she is a lot more AWESOME than teenagers of her age! And ofcourse from ME as well!

Way to go Sofie, much love

Catch the entire video here

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