VIDEO: Fisherman Fights The Largest Catfish He's Ever Seen, Now That's A CATCH!

At whatever point you hear somebody discuss fight with a fish, you tend to bring their story with a grain of salt

#3 The Catfish

#3 The Catfish

The stories about Fisherman fights have always been thrilling! It's exciting to know more about their catch of the day. But whenever, a story that involves a HUGE fish comes up, our minds instantly become the latest generation Sherlock to find out about the authenticity of the case! Is that really this huge? How did the man fought with it! Who won at the end? Was he able to make it? Now, That's a CATCH!

This story is about one such fight between a fisherman who saw the largest catfish ever!

#2 The Fisherman Fights

#2 The Fisherman Fights

Whenever we see something that we have never seen, it surely astounds us. Similar is the case here. This 250 lb huge and gigantic creature was caught up by Yuri Grisendi in Italy. So he gave up all that he had to wrestle up with this brute over the water line. Yuri El Diablo Grisendi from the lands of Reggio Nell Emilia, Italy handled this enormous catfish that an impeccable size of 19 stone, or 265 pounds.

Watch ahead in the video to see this unfathomable fight between Grisendi and the catfish!

#1 The Video

Grisendi, a 38-year-old angler from Itlay, who's been looking since a long time now claims that he has never seen a fish of this gauge and hence he effectively positions this as his greatest fish.

Have a look at the video

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