VIDEO: Father Attacks Man In Court Room Who Brutally Murdered His Daughter

Micheal Madison, 38, was just indicated killing three ladies and sentenced to death

#3 Revenge

#3 Revenge

You must have seen in movies about the revenge and retribution of the victim against the accused but this video is not a scene from any movie nor it is scripted, its shot in a real court room amidst real audience, judge and police.

It is shocking to see how the events unfold as they did. The video in the end captured the entire courtroom drama when it happened.

#2 Father's Anger

#2 Father's Anger

This video is about Van terry whose daughter was brutally murdered by the accused and at the time the video is shot, the murderer Michael Madison accused of murdering three ladies was pronounced death sentence by the court.

Van Terry whose little princess Shirellda Terry was murdered was asked by the court to express his feeling on the justice meted out but he knew that words will fall short of expressing the anger and disgust for the person.

So he did something that you might be least expecting. Watch in the video ahead!

#1 The Video

He took up the case by himself and in the filled courtroom began assaulting and beating the accused as others stood there and later tried to control him. The father in him took over his rationale citizen self who just couldn't withstand the ordeal!

Was he right in his place to take up justice in his hand or not?

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