Even I Wish For A Surprise Like This!

I know what you are thinking. Just don't, this is different. Take a look.

#3 Surprise

 #3 Surprise

Whenever you are busy or stressed, a surprise always works. Now imagine getting a pleasant surprise on an airport while traveling to someplace.

This man experienced something exactly like this. On Nov. 19, 2014, clients at the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport in Poland got more than only a much needed refresher when they went through the office.

#2 Time for Something Special

#2 Time for Something Special

So the thing is that this Polish Airlines completed a total of half a million of customers. Obviously, everyone from the crew was excited about this.

This airlines decided to do something special for their customer number 5,00,000. As soon as he submitted his passport to the lady on the desk, she did something unbelievable for him.

Keep reading ahead to see what she did.

#1 The Video

By air terminal's site, the fortunate traveler was Maciej Kołodziej, who acquired a flight from Warsaw to New York. You can see in the video below what exactly was the surprise for him by the airlines.

Checkout the video here.

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