Using A Blender, This Guy Executes The Coolest But Most Illegal DIY Project Ever

This is one of the craziest DIY's ever...

#4 Introduction

#4 Introduction

DIY's are brilliant. They are fun if the application is perfect. Here, we gonna show you a Graffiti DIY that will make you crazy! How many of you have heard about Moss Graffiti? Although the name explains it all, we were left a bit puzzled when we heard about it for the first time. So, we decided to dig deeper and find out what it is all about.

So after some digging, it turns out that this Moss Graffiti is one of the coolest things out there and an exceptionally amazing thing to execute on your (yeah, not your neighbours) property. So check out the further pages to know how it is done...

#3 Requirements

#3 Requirements

So start taking notes now. You will need moss, obviously, equivalent to about 3 cups and 2 cups of yogurt (plain) or 2 cups of buttermilk. Add two cups of beer or water and half teaspoon of sugar along with corn syrup, though that is optional.

The last thing that you would need is a blender which you probably won't use for anything other than this. I mean, you wouldn't wanna use that blender again after the kind of mess will happen in it. Check out further pages to know the steps...

#2 Steps

#2 Steps

Here we show you the steps involved in doing this DIY..

You will, first of all, need to collect 3 cups of moss that can be bought from a nursery or taken off your yard. After the collection is complete, simply rinse the collected moss as much as you can in order to separate the soil from the moss. After you are done breaking the pieces up you need to place them in the blender followed by the addition of yogurt (buttermilk), water (beer) and then sugar. Blend this mixture till you achieve smoothness and consistency equivalent to that of paint. If you think the mixture is watery, then corn syrup comes into play. Do take the caution of adding corn syrup slowly and in little quantities. Check out the video on the further pages to see how all this is done...

#1 The Videos

You liked all the images that you saw while reading about this DIY? Well, it is all thanks to the MOSS Graffiti. Here we have couple of brilliant videos for you that shows how to make the Moss Grafitti. Just a heads up, this thing is illegal but at the same time fun to do! SO check out the videos to visually see how this moss is prepared...

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