US Needs To Take An Action Immediately...

U.S is in danger. Checkout why...

#5 The Super Power

#5 The Super Power

USA is in a position where it directly affects other countries if anything is to go wrong in it. There's a reason why it is called a superpower. Now NASA has warned USA of something very terrible.

You know for a fact that you cannot take NASA's warning lightly. And owing to what NASA has recently declared, things doesn't seem too bright for USA.

#4 The Hurricane Season

#4 The Hurricane Season

The official Hurricane season starts in the month of June and ends in November. But this year though has seen some alterations in this pattern thanks to Hurricane Alex which formed in January.

Now that we are in September, the Hurricanes will just get frequent and severe. This week is the beginning of what looks to be one of the scariest hurricane seasons for Hawaii in recent memory.

Keep reading ahead to know more about this Hurricane.

#3 The Dangerous Storm

#3 The Dangerous Storm

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning as the storm now known as Madeline flies closer and closer to the islands. People have been warned about this and asked to stock enough food in case of an emergency.

Things aren't looking bright according to NASA. The storm is expected to make landfall in the next 36 hours. This storm is expected to be worse than the tropical storm Iselle, which hit the islands in 2014.

#2 Several Warnings

"There's always a lot of disbelief on the island that the storms will really be as big and bad as forecast", a resident said. But people need to take this warning seriously.

The only kicker about this storm is the fact that there's another one directly behind it. That is now known as Hurricane Lester. The officials have issued several warnings to residents in Hawaii, wanting them to be prepared for a possible double hurricane hit.


#1 Let's Hope

#1 Let's Hope

"I urge you to take immediate steps to protect your families, loved ones, employees and property", David Ige, a government official said.

Let's hope that the storm just passes away without causing much destruction.

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