Thousands Of Moms Are Taping Paintbrushes To Their Bellies. The Reason Why Is Genius!

Why do you think so many to-be Moms are taping paint brushes to their bellies? Checkout the reason here...

#4 Child Birth

#4 Child Birth

Childbirth is possibly the most beautiful natural process in this world. I believe that women are more lucky than men as they are the one who get to experience this beautiful thing. A healthy child is all one wishes for.

But not every time a healthy baby steps out in this world. There are women who are enamored with childbirth, imagine how they must feel if their child perishes during childbirth. This sounds unbelievably sad.

#3 'Unborn Artists'

#3 'Unborn Artists'

A cruel reality of this world is that every year thousands of babies die during birth. The condition in third world countries is particularly sad. The healthcare system out there is not healthy at all.

To solve this problem, a charity called 'Unborn Artists' in Belgium is formed to help pregnant women in Third world countries.

To know how they help people in third world countries, check out the details ahead...

#2 The Brushes

#2 The Brushes

The main motto of this organisation is to raise money for the healthcare system of the third world countries. "To help raise money, we let our unborn babies, support African unborn babies", they said.

Mothers that volunteer for the program attach paintbrushes to their bellies and point them towards a canvas. What they do next is brilliant.

#1 The Designs

So when a brush is taped on the belly, the mother moves. As soon as she moves, the baby inside her moves too. This movement creates very unique designs on the canvas.

These art pieces are then auctioned off to the public to raise money to help lower childbirth mortality rates in countries such as Togo. This is a very good initiative I must say.

Checkout the video about this.

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