This woman swings at an elephant... Now watch what the elephant does next! Hilarious!

I can't believe she did this!

#3 Its the best healer!

#3 Its the best healer!

You won't believe what the caretaker does to the baby elephant.

Music touches soul and is as powerful to heal them from the deepest and darkest wounds. Even our most trusted friend, internet says, 'whether a child or an adult, doesn't really matters, cannot escape from the power of music.' Often you have experienced, hearing a cheerful song when you are happy make you glee even more and listening a sad number when you feel low make you want to cry even harder.

This is one amazing story that will surely make your day!

#2 Amazing

#2 Amazing

So it is the power of music. Set the humans aside, have you ever played music while you are working in your garden or hummed to your plants while trimming them? The responses will leave you spellbound and astonished. Even they dance to rhythm. It is with animals as well.

The video on the next page shows one such incident! It is going to be one of the best things you saw on internet today! Do not miss it!

#1 The Video

As mothers do to their babies, this caretaker named Lek at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand sings lullabies to a baby elephant. Faa mai, the baby elephant responds amazingly to them and sleeps sound after heating them. You will be in tears watching the bond between them.

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