This Woman Killed Her Son And Sent His Father A Video Because They Were Fighting

This woman is sickening.

#4 The Unthinkable

#4 The Unthinkable

Fights in any relationship get worse when there is miscommunication. People should always strike to talk out their problems rather than taking drastic steps!

Something similar happened during a fight between 21-year-old Christian Clark and her boyfriend Andre Price Jr. Christian took a drastic step that she'll regret all her life!

#3 The Estranged Relationship

#3 The Estranged Relationship

Christian suspected that her boyfriend Andre Price Jr was cheating on her. So she decided to do something that cannot be imagined.

When Andre went to his friend's house on November 1,Clark became more suspicious of him. She began texting him while accusing him of adultery.

Soon, her accusations began more severe and dreadful. Read on to know what she texted him next!

#2 The Children

#2  The Children

Christian, who was also the mother of Andre's son and daughter, began threatening him with the children. She sent him threats against their children when he said that he won't be coming back to share the same space with her

Soon, she did something unthinkable!

#1 She Killed Her Own Children

Next, she sent the most disturbing video in which both the children were lying face down! She has been charged with homicide and attempted homicide on their children, Andre is also charged with two felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child as he never called up the police to inform that his children were in danger!

Children are the most harmless beings and hence they should never be targeted in any dysfunctional relationship! Sad!

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