This Woman Got The Best Revenge On Her Boyfriend Who Wanted Her To Stay Fat

This is an inspiring story for all the girls out there. Do not let anyone rule your life...

#3 Insensitive Boyfriend

#3 Insensitive Boyfriend

Generally, most of the boyfriends out there convince if not force their girlfriends to lose weight and look more attractive. They don't really care about what their girlfriends want.

But this is a different story. Surprisingly, the boyfriend here didn't want her girlfriend to lose weight. To be honest, he didn't give damn about her girlfriend or anything about her.

#2 The Breakup

#2 The Breakup

Christine Carter, 28 started shedding extra pounds but her boyfriend was against it. He continuously got jealous of her better body everyday. He started body shaming her thinking that it'll break her confidence and she'll stop her efforts.

If anything, his cuss words only encouraged her. She broke up with him and continued to lose weight. She eventually lost 150 pounds.

Keep reading ahead to see how she looks now.

#1 The Transformation

#1 The Transformation

At the beginning of her weight loss journey, Christine weighed 275 pounds. She lost 50 pounds after she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery and lost another 100 pounds successfully through good old fashioned diet and exercise.

She later had a tummy tuck to get rid of access skin from her weight loss. And now she looks outstanding. WOW! So Encouraging! Look at this another stunning picture of this #weightlosshero.

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