This TV Is Invisible And Looks Better Than Our Normal Television. Take A Look...

This television is completely invisible and definitely better than TV's that we have. Check this out!

#3 Television

#3 Television

Back in time when TVs first came into picture, people immediately labeled it as the best invention in the history of mankind for our entertainment.

Then came Flat TVs. People loved the design and everyone bought it without wasting much time. Have you ever thought about what next?

#2 Invisible TV

#2 Invisible TV

We have an answer to what next. At the CEATEC electronics expo earlier this year in Japan, Panasonic unveiled its new prototype 'invisible' TV.

When you switch on the TV, it is just like our regular television but when it is switched off, it is invisible.

Keep reading ahead to know more about this TV.

#1 More Specifications

#1 More Specifications

The screen of this TV is made from a fine mesh embedded in a glass panel. The company hasn't revealed anymore details about the TV.

It'll take 3 more years for this TV to develop properly. But then, an invisible TV is worth a wait. Checkout the video of this television below and enjoy.

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