This Street Musician Was About To Call It Quits..But Then These Kittens Showed Up And Did This

Cats like. Cats listen

Street music is another kind of entertainment for passersby. However, sometimes it becomes a nightmare for the musicians. Often, musicians have to face disappointment at the hands of audience when they just do not care about them!

Something similar happened with this musician from Malaysia.

Somewhere, on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, this passionate musician was trying to give a performance! But he was left disappointed when no audience turned up to listen to him.

This is surely the most heartbreaking thing that can ever happen to any musician

The musician being really disappointed hurriedly tried to finish his performance. But then, something happened, that changed his mood altogether.

He got a few listeners who also responded to his music very amusedly!

Not kidding, they were sitting there, bobbing their head to prove that they were enjoying! And that made the music filled with joy!

These guests were four kittens trying to approve of the music that man was playing telling the world that it is worth listening to!

Go ahead to watch the video which is really really adorable!

And it is the best example to prove that animals love, care and support way more than the human fellows do!

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