This Mother's Picture With Son Went Viral For A Strange Reason!

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A loving father's post of a picture of his wife co-sleeping with their children has gone viral. David Brinkley, a resident of the Oklahoma city uploaded a picture of his wife Alora, co-sleeping with their two children, one of whom is a baby on a Facebook page " Love What Matters" on April 2.

While Brinkley's emotional post was a sort of praise for his lovely wife for snuggling up with their children in bed, this picture has gone viral and it's sparking a massive debate. Brinkley, however, did not expect that it would be shared out by thousands of people, let alone get picked apart by critics.
The post has since been liked over 129000 times and shared more than 27,000 times. The post also received 5,000 comments with users arguing whether it is even wise for parents to practice such a thing.

Brinkley had a good reason behind his post. Brinkley stated that his wife was on a talk thing with one of her friends and they were discussing on the co- sleeping thing. The next thing Alora heard was a sort of shock and cleared that David does not hate sharing the bed with the kids, unlike her friend's husband who had a problem with sharing the sharing with kids.

David, in reply to Alora's friend question, decided to make it very clear as a man that he praises and respects Alora's decision for their children and he does not hate any part of what makes his wife a mother she is! He said he has no problem is squeezing in a small corner of the bed as he finds his wife very beautiful while holding their children. Aww, David! Such a love you are!

Co-sleeping has always been a long controversial parenting topic and a flood of criticism disregarding this act of Alora completely dangerous.

Oh my! I have always needed my mother to hold and snuggle me up as a child! These people make snuggling so much dangerous!

"This is dangerous for the baby," one user wrote, according to CBS News.

"Babies should sleep alone, on their back, in a crib. Remember the A< B< Cs of safe sleep."

"Co-sleeping is not safe," a fellow user agreed.

"Children get rolled on all of the time, and this type of behaviour creates children who can’t sleep on their own without touch!"

While Brinkley had his share of criticism, he had supporters too disregarded the opinions against co-sleeping and shared their own family photos practising co-sleeping.

“Co-sleeping happened for thousands of years until we became a ‘civilized’ society and put the kids at the other end of the house!” one Facebook user said, arguing that “it calms the kids and the mothers and encourages somewhat deeper sleep.”

“I love this. We did everything ‘right’ with our first child. Own cot, own room.... We relaxed with numbers 2 and 3 and both co-slept till well past a year,” another added

According to CBS News, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) estimates that around 3,500 babies die every year in sleep-related incidents. AAP recommends that babies sleep on their backs on a firm mattress without any pillows or blankets nearby, as such items can increase the risk of suffocation. AAP advises parents not to sleep in the same bed as their babies.

While statistics are scary as hell, we even had experts comment over Brinkley's post!

Susan Castellano, maternal and child health director at the Minnesota Department of Health, suggests parents follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission and American Academy of Pediatric’s (AAP) infant sleep guidelines, which both advice against sharing a bed with a baby -- as it can lead to accidental “First of all, you can’t argue with [Brinkley’s] sentiment and his support of his wife. That was so sweet,” Castellano told CBS News. “But I think the danger is that we do know co-sleeping can end in infant death. It does. It happens all the time. "

And amidst all these, we had Dr McKenna who had different views. He is the director of Mother Baby Behavioural Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame and says statistics and warnings from organisations like AAP should not be there to scare parents.

“You have to go out of your way to make [co-sleeping] dangerous,” McKenna told CBS News. “No matter how many warnings or misrepresentations of inherent dangers mums and babies find themselves.” “Babies have always slept and always will sleep next to their mothers,” McKenna said.

McKenna has always supported co-sleeping and especially the act of breast sleeping, whereby mothers nurse their babies while lying next to them in bed.

Alora, after the post went viral herself responded to the post praising her husband about how loving and caring he is. She says he carefully watches over her and the children. She says they would not do anything that puts their children in a dangerous situation and their night sleep looks completely different than the one in the picture! She added how hurtful and mean the society is that when it does not like any picture, it says hurtful things.

Whatever the case might be, the babies and the mother look just beautiful and I have a strong urge to hug my mother now!

Beautiful is the mother, beautiful is her motherhood!

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