This Mother lost Her Child, Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Keep Your Eyes Open

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#3 Social Media

#3 Social Media

The biggest Carrier of globalization that represents it in its purest form has to be this certain something called Social Media. The power and impact of social media in today's world and amongst today's generation is far from imagination. Every second individual is on this virtual space with different goals. For some, this is a space to know new people and for some, this is just a self confidence gaining arena far away from real world.

But whatever it is, Social media can be really dangerous. The fact that it gives access of your personal life to unknown people is enough to give your brain cells chills! The story that we are about to discuss with you is on the same lines. Checkout how this mother had to pay a huge price because of Facebook on upcoming pages...

#2 The Story

#2 The Story

To support our words on the previous page, it is important to make you guys aware of this story. The following story could be a very likely scenario which will allow us to study the harsh disservices social media has. And why social media is not at all a safe social platform to interact with new diverse people. So suppose if you were this women, the mother of the girl you see in the picture, let us tell you what would've happened with you in proper chronological order.

One day you receive a friend request, as you often do every week or so. It's a nice looking man who you don't seem to recognize, but who knows, maybe you've met him before. You accept. Later that day you decide to post photos of your little 6-year-old girls birthday party, and you tag all of her friends through their parents."Great birthday fun at McKinley park, Missy looks forward to thanking all you kids for the gifts you gave her at Jefferson elementary tomorrow morning!" Meanwhile the guy you friended earlier receives your post and sends out a...

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#1 The Climax

#1 The Climax

So continuing the story from where we left it on the previous page, the guy you friended earlier receives your post and sends out a mass email to his associates, and would be customers: "American females and males, ages 5-6. $8-10 grand, inquire on specific." Shocking, isn't it?

By merely posting a few innocent pictures of her daughter, you realize what this women has done? She's essentially just given a trafficker and his customers multiple pickings not to mention the school her daughter attends and the park that she visits frequently. Please stop posting everything about your life on Social media. And for the love of God stop posting your children's photos on the internet, especially not as your profile pic. Even if you only have exclusive online friends, it still doesn't matter. They don't need to know each and every single detail of your life. BEWARE.

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