This Might Just Be The Smartest Horror Movie You'll Ever See. Take A Look...

You simply cannot miss this short film if you love taking selfies. Take a look!

#3 Selfies!

#3 Selfies!

We live in the era of Twitter, Facebook, Smartphones and selfies. People click selfies and upload it on Twitter and that ends up becoming the most talked about picture of the era with maximum retweets.

If even you like clicking selfies then this short movie is for you. It'll show you your worst nightmare becoming true!

#2 Chilling Climax

#2 Chilling Climax

Horror flicks are a pain if they fail to scare the audience after building up the suspense reaching up to their final crescendo. This, however is not the case with this movie!

It's pretty chilling in the climax. The suspense buildup is very plausible and the justice has been done with the end. Just so that you know, it is called 'selfie from hell'.

Keep reading ahead to see the movie.

#1 'Selfie From Hell'

'Selfie From Hell' actually portrays how exactly will it be to click selfie in a hell. Just a tip, do not watch it all alone in the night! It might be dangerous for your health!

Checkout the movie here!

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