This Man Gets Attacked In A Hallway But Survives, Yet No One Believed Him Until They Saw The Security Footage

Is anyone truly ever safe?

#3 Fear

#3 Fear

There's this man who comes out screaming out of a building, screaming for help but yet no one helps him.

Not after they hear what the man has got to say...

He was attacked in an hallway but managed to escaped.

Legit right? But that's not it...

He was attacked by a ghost?!

#2 Proof?

#2 Proof?

Many ignored the man's explanation as people normally do when they hear such tales. But the fear in his eyes prompted them to indulge him, even if it was for a little while.

And so they examined the security footage....and what they found made them fearful!

What did they see? What happened in that hallway?! See for yourself!

#1 The Video

Whether you believe in ghosts or not...this video is a must watch. If you don't believe in ghosts...maybe that will change after watching this footage. This clip was captured on CCTV in 2013, and it's just now getting some attention online and freaking people out. When you see what'll understand right away.

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