This Kitty Is A Real Copy Cat, Watch What She Does When Her Owner Points At Her

Cats hold a reputation for being stubborn and difficult.

#3 Cats Are Stubborn

#3 Cats Are Stubborn

Cats hold a reputation for being the most stubborn pet. They are extremely difficult to train. But then, exceptions are always present! This kitty with the super cute name Didga is breaking all the stereotypes about the stubborn and difficult behavior of cats.

She listens to her owner and does perform the trick beautifully when her owner points at her!

#2 She Is A Tough Compettitor

#2 She Is A Tough Compettitor

So the owner has two dogs and a kitty. While the name of the kitty is Didga, the owner call the two dogs with the names Lucy and Pheonix.

The video in the next section shows Didga with her dog buddies. Both the dog buddies are great at doing tricks and Didga as well is a tough competitor to them.

The video is too good to be seen on loop. Go ahead and check it out for yourself!

#1 Watch It On Loop

I bet you won't see it just once. Didga is the most adorable cat you would ever see! Oh, the way she rolls over when her owner points at her is absolutely amazing. Don't believe me? Then, check it out in the video!

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