This Is Why Scottish Police Have The Best Sense of Humor Ever

This post is hilarious.I burst out laughing when i read it entirely

#2 Scottish Police

#2 Scottish Police

Scottish police is known to be the biggest nightmare for any criminal in the world. Scottish yard is presumed to be the toughest of all. They are disciplined, intelligent, smart and as quick as light. You'll hardly find any flaws in their work.

Now after all this, if we tell you that they also have the best sense of humor ever, will you believe us? Well, all we can say is that check out the video on the next page and I promise that you'll never doubt our claims henceforth. Scottish police is outstandingly humorous, probably the funniest of all. Haha..

#1 The Funny Video

So this is it. Here's that awesome video. This guy finds it peculiar that he has to suck rather than blow on a breathalyzer, and he quickly realizes what these cops are up to after he is asked to repeat his name for them again. Hilarity ensues! This is just a prank played by the Scottish police.

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