This Is The Vaccine That'll Cure The Diabetes

There's finally a reliable medicine to cure diabetes now. Take a look...

#3 The Vaccine

#3 The Vaccine

Diabetes is not something that you can ever take lightly. For such a long time now, we don't have a permanent cure for this disease. Today, when we have progressed so much, not having a cure for a disease seems a bit odd.

Well, not anymore. Salvador Chacon Ramirez, president of the Foundation "Vive your Diabetes," and Lucila Zarate Ortega, the president of the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases made a huge announcement.

#2 The Clear Explanation

#2 The Clear Explanation

They conducted a press conference in which they explained clearly that the vaccine cannot cure but there was an advance in all the cases. A definite improvement would be noticed.

Doctor Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez, the creator of this therapy/vaccine says, "For the first time, we've managed to standardize a saline solution for any type of diabetes, whether it is 1, 2, gestational or congenital."

Keep reading ahead to see this therapy/vaccine.

#1 The Life Saving Procedure

#1 The Life Saving Procedure

The entire procedure of this Vaccine/Therapy has been explained properly. So for the testing of this vaccine, around 5 cm of blood was extracted from each patient after which they were injected with 55 milliliters of blood solution.

It is refrigerated at five degrees centigrade. When the temperature changes to 37 centigrades, since it goes out of the body to a new temperature, a shock happens takes place and what was a problem turns into the solution inside the bottle, in such a way that the genetic and metabolic flaw is corrected or imunometabolised in the vaccine.

This vaccine lasts for 60 days and the entire treatment is of 1 year. More than a vaccine, this a medical procedure that can save tons of lives.

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