This Is The Secret Android Button You Don't Know About. Next Few Mins Are Gonna Blow Your Mind Away!

This brings back the simplicity in your android device...

#4 Android

#4 Android

It all started back in 2007 when the first Android was released. Since then, this operating system hasn't looked back. People have immensely loved it and with every passing year, its number of users has just increased.

Over the years, we've seen tons of external gadgets that can be synced with android and can be used. Here we have another one.

#3 A Physical Button

#3 A Physical Button

How about a physical button for your smart device? The idea itself sounds very intriguing as it will make your device more user friendly and ease efficient.

So there is this certain something called a pressy button. All your applications in your device are just a press away.

Keep reading ahead for more information.

#2 Pressy

#2 Pressy

Physical buttons for your smartphone are a cool concept. This is the Pressy button for Android. All that it uses is your headphone jack to hijack certain phone functions.

Right from your camera to your flashlight, everything can be accessed using this button. Just name it.

Checkout the amazing video ahead.

#1 The Video

The video below shows you how to use this pressy button. The only thing that you need to take care of is that it isn't very sensitive to use. If you want a double press, it has to be quick.

Checkout the video below and see how to use it.

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