This Is The Best Smartphone Ever. And No, It's Not iPhone 7

Here we are going to tell you about the best Smartphone in the world and no, we aren't talking about iPhone 7. Take a look...

#3 Smartphones

#3 Smartphones

Whenever someone talks about smartphones, the first name that pops up in the head is of Apple. We all know the fascination people have with iPhones.

iPhone 7 launched recently and as expected, people are going nuts over it. In the title itself, we told you that we are going to discuss the best smartphone ever. Trust me when I say, Apple's phone are not even in the picture.

#2 The Specifications

#2 The Specifications

This phone that we are talking about will boast of an 18 GB of RAM and 786 GB of in-built storage. At the same time, it will consist of 3 Snapdragon 830 processors which is about 6 times the processing of a regular phone.

We are not kidding here. This is as true as it can get. It'll also have a 6.4 inch 4k resolution screen. But that's not where the specifications end.

Keep reading ahead to know more about this phone and the name of the phone.

#1 Best Smartphone Ever?

#1 Best Smartphone Ever?

A smartphone company called Turing has announced all these specifications of their upcoming Smartphone. The company has announced that the phone's rear camera will be 60 MP and the front camera will be 20 MP.

As far as the battery is concerned, it'll have a 120 KWh battery. Now this is amazing. This phone is still conceptual, We hope to soon it will available in the market. Can't wait anymore for this phone. This is gonna be amazing.

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