This Is Possibly The Harshest Punishment Ever...

Feel blessed that you aren't a part of North Korea. This place is Unbelievably Stupid! A man was executed just because...

#3 Kim Jong Un

#3 Kim Jong Un

The antics of Kim Jong Un is not something that comes as a surprise for people. The world is very much aware of how stupid this powerful man can become sometimes.

I mean, who else in this world would think of getting killed an athlete of his own country just because she clicked a picture with an athlete of an enemy country? That is harsh now! But this is not the only stupid and bizarre death sentence he has given a thought to!

#2 The Execution

#2 The Execution

Recently though, he did something that has actually shook the politicians all around the world. This deed has definitely created a stir and has received mixed reactions by people which is little surprising as Kim Jong Un has always received criticism for whatever he has done.

He ordered the execution of his education minister for something that isn't even a crime in the most parts of the world.

Keep reading ahead to see why Kim executed his education minister.

#1 The Reason

#1 The Reason

Vice Premier for education Kim Yong-Jin was publicly executed for dozing off. Yes, the minister fell asleep in the parliament and therefore was executed by the officials.

Kim was executed in front of a firing squad for "inappropriate posture" during one of Kim Jong Un's speeches. He fell asleep during Jong's speech and was therefore executed. Now this is one harsh punishment, isn't it?

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