This Is How She Was Kidnapped At The ATM.

This terrifying incident shows how quickly your life can change. Here's how she could have ignored it.

#3 Meanwhile At The ATM.

#3 Meanwhile At The ATM.

Lately, amongst all the incidents happening around, the majority of it is about women and their safety. Be it domestic violence or any other sort of crime. In spite of taking all the strict actions, the number of crime never does down.

One such incident occurred recently. In the middle of the night at Arlington, Texas, a woman goes to the ATM to withdraw some cash on her own. It was just like any ordinary day at the ATM.

Least did she knew what was about to happen to her.

#2 What Came With Cash..

#2 What Came With Cash..

The lady was busy with the operating system and taking out some handful of money. While she waited for the process to happen, a man walks by from behind.

It seemed as if he was way too involved in his smartphone to give a damn. Even she ignored it thinking him to be a trespasser.

But the story was something else. It wasn't a smartphone but a gun and he wasn't a random trespasser but had some serious intentions in his mind.

What happens to the girl? Does he succeeds in his mission.? Continue ahead.

#1 Help To Save Her.

The guy walks straight towards her, points the gun and asks her to get off the car. Terrified, she followed his instruction. He then takes her to the back of the car, throws her inside the trunk, gets in the car and drives away.

The entire crime scene was being recorded in the CCTV camera at the ATM. As the video went viral, the kidnapper, Donald Moses, 18, was soon arrested with several charges. Luckily no harm was caused to the girl.

Watch the video below of how this happened.

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