This Image Of Girls In Bikinis Is Viral For A Reason. Can You See The Reason?

You do not expect this on girls in bikinis. Take a look...

#3 Viral

#3 Viral

Thanks to social media, one word that we get to hear a lot is VIRAL. Lot of things get viral online just because someone thought it was different.

Now look at this picture, the entire web is talking about this picture. Can you see anything uncommon in this picture?

#2 The Uncommon Thing

#2 The Uncommon Thing

Well, other than the fact that the girls are in bikinis and bare foot, there is something else in this image which isn't common and is very clearly visible. No, we are not talking about the guy behind them.

Chances are high that you must've already observed that uncommon thing but do you know what it is? And why are people sharing this image so much? We'll tell you.

Keep reading ahead to know the reason.

#1 The Device

#1 The Device

Okay, so as you can see, the girl is wearing something on her calves. What exactly is that? It is an alcohol monitoring device.

Yes, an alcohol monitoring device exists in our society. The internet found it and is having a good laugh. People are wondering the exact utility and more importantly a Need of a device like this. Well, one must say that people on the Internet are unpredictable and can fancy anything and everything up online.

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