This Guy Dropped His GoPro Camera Into A Snake Pit And The Footage Is Spooky As Hell

I couldn't sleep after watching this...

#1 GoPro

#1 GoPro

In this past a few months, we've written so much about GoPro. Every time we come across something related to this brilliant camera, we, for the love of god start believing that this would be the ultimate thing GoPro can do. But no, this camera shocks us every time. This time, we are bringing you an exclusive footage of GoPro with God knows how many rattle snakes. Michael Delaney was exploring the grasslands of Montana when he came across a pit of prairie rattlesnakes. He wanted to use his GoPro to record the encounter, up-close-and-personal. Sounds pretty cool if you're a thrill seeker!

But you should always be careful while approaching a snake, 'snakes' in this case. The snakes were rattled by him getting all up in their personal space, and one of them eventually attacks his camera, which then falls into the pit. They don't take too kindly to it laying in there either. So now, the camera is in the pit. What happens with the camera? To know that, check out the video on the next page...

#1 The Scary Video

So let us tell you what happened step by step.

Michael Delaney begins approaching the rattlesnake pit, and you can hear them from so far away.
After he finds it, he realizes there's so many of them.
He approaches this one, and it rattles right in his face, so he backs away.
Then, one of them has had enough and strikes, which makes the camera go tumbling into this terrifying pit.
To find out what happens next, you'll have to watch the video. We challenge you to see the whole video in one go. We bet you wouldn't sleep in night after watching this...Take a look.

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