This Cute Baby Who Trolls Her Dad With Fake Crying Just Because

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#3 Favorite Baby

#3 Favorite Baby

We all know that babies can be really really cute sometimes. They laugh, cry, smile, yawn and etc. No matter what they do, they always look cute and adorable. But the real fun moment is when the child brings a smile on your face by his antics.

Here we'll be discussing that same very moment. This kid is a genius. In no time whatsoever, this kid has become Internet's favorite child. Wanna know Why? Because this kid...

#2 Trolling Kid

#2 Trolling Kid

...Because this kid just trolled Her Dad in a very funny way by fake crying. Isn't it adorable??We have no words for this. Just look at the video on the next page and we promise, you won't stop smiling.

#1 That Adorable video

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