This Car Tyre Scam Is Spreading All Over America And It Could Cost You Your Life

This new trend is really catching up these days!

#3 Tyre Scam In America

#3 Tyre Scam In America

Tyre is indeed the most important part of a vehicle. Hence, it should be brought from an authorized shop to avoid any mishap. Lately, there's a new trend that's showing up in the tyre industry of America and it is extremely dangerous.

The new tyres are costing about two hundred dollars and hence the scammers are taking full advantage by doing something really pitiful.

#2 Re-using the worn out tyres

#2 Re-using the worn out tyres

The fraudulent are making a huge profit by reusing the worn out tyres by making some minor amendments. But this could cause you your life! Just think about it, don't you get a flat tyre too often even after getting repaired? Or what would happen if you are using a worn out tyre in adverse weather conditions?

Go ahead to find out what are they doing!

#1 Watch The Video

Watch the entire scam in the video below! It is really threatening to know such deadly scams are operating lately for some meagre amount of money!

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