This Bull Was Chained Up His Entire Life...Now Watch As He's Set Free

This is freedom!

#2 Independence

#2 Independence

Right from America to India, most of the important countries in the world celebrate independence day. Moreover, we are even proud of the journey that we carved in order to achieve this independence from our different rulers. This just goes on to show that no matter which country you live in, you need independence.

Little space is what everyone in this world procures. But what we humans don't realize is that just like us, even animals need freedom. Just for the sake of our benefit, we destroy their entire life. Not long ago, we showed you the reaction of almost 200 horses after they were set free. Here, checkout the reaction of this bull after he is set free. Read ahead to know more.

#1 The Video

The bull that we are talking about was actually chained up for his entire life. He has never seen an independent life. Confined to a narrow stable with chains his entire life, Bandit was recently rescued by German animal sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl and given his first real taste of freedom.

The best part is his reaction. He just endlessly walks here and there. He starts dancing for a very brief period. This is how freedom looks. Check out this video to see his reaction.

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