This Boy Killed His Younger Brother Merely Because Of A Misunderstanding. Take a Look...

This is one of the most depressing things you'll ever read. Take a look...

#3 Video Games

#3 Video Games

The relationship between kids and their video games cannot be underestimated at all. They love their video games and can do anything to make sure that no one messes up with their games.

A horrible incident occurred on the same lines a few days ago. The incident happened at Jacksonville, FL recently because of the game, Pokemon Go.

#2 This Horrible Incident

#2 This Horrible Incident

Pokemon Go. has become extremely famous amongst the masses. Recently we told you about how a guy led to a horrible highway accident because of this game and now the reports are suggesting that a boy has killed his 13 year old younger brother because of this game.

Yes, you read it right. This isn't a joke. This has happened for real.

Keep reading ahead to know more about the case.

#1 This Pokemon Game

#1 This Pokemon Game

Timmy Richards, a 15 year old teenager living in Florida, was arrested by the police recently after he stabbed his younger brother, who is 13 years old, to death. The reason behind such a violent step is unbelievable.

Timmy thought that his brother deleted his Pokemon, but the truth is he just logged out. In the anger and gust, he stabbed his brother to death. This is unfortunate, isn't it?

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