This Boy Is Being Bullied In Public. Then Someone Steps In And Does This.

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#3 Bullying

#3 Bullying

We all know for a fact that bullying is wrong. But to what extent? Well, any kind of bullying should be discouraged. The condition of bullying is so bad that 1 out of every 4 children in the United states is a victim of bullying. This needs to be stopped right now. Here we are about to talk regarding this same issue.

If all this while you thought that Bullying was an one dimensional process, you were wrong. There are different levels of bullying. From what may seem like harmless teasing, escalating to the more so obvious physical bullying. Both are harmful, and wrong. A lot of the real damage that's left behind as a result of bullying is the scars that the human eye cannot see. These scars stay with victims of bullying for years, sometimes their entire lives. Sometimes these scars are so painful, that it causes children to hurt themselves to deal with the pain, or even worse: Commit suicide. It doesn't stop here, check out the upcoming pages to know this story!

#2 More On Bullying

#2 More On Bullying

The pain that remains in the head even years after the bullying is done is unimaginable. The one who has experienced it is the only one who can understand it. The pain is more than they can bare and they feel that the only thing guaranteed the next day is more bullying, and more pain. It's a truly sad and horrible way to live. I remember growing up, I was personally bullied and teased by my peers. I was called all sorts of names in the book, and it had a big impact on my self esteem.

From then on anytime people were laughing, I'd automatically assume they were laughing at me. What is important in this situation is the way the people around you react while you are being bullied. To find an answer of this exact question, YouTuber DennisCeeTV conducted an experiment. What was this experiment? What was the conclusion? To find out all this, check out the video on the next page.

#1 The Video

This video shows the reaction of people towards bullying. In the video below, YouTuber DennisCeeTV devised a test for random members of the public to see how likely people are to step in and help out a little boy who is clearly being harassed by a bigger, older kid. At first I was furious, and wished I could teleport onto the scene to save the child being bullied. But within moments, I was relieved. The video is an encouraging one. Good samaritans stepped in to help and this uplifted my spirits. Almost every single person who was exposed to the bullying scenario got involved, stood up for the little kid and gave the 'bully' a dressing down.

I think everyone should see this video. It's time to take a strong action against this social evil called bullying. Check out this video and watch how people reacted on bullying...

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