This Ball Posed A Fair Competition To A Hydraulic Press

This encounter of a small steel ball bearing and the hydraulic press is worth a watch. Take a look...

#3 The Power Of Hydraulic Press

#3 The Power Of Hydraulic Press

The Hydraulic Press is known to destroy things within seconds. In almost all cases, the hydraulic press emerges unharmed, rising like the ultimate champion.

No matter how hard the object is, nothing could withstand the display of sheer force by the press. Things just cracked with the blink of an eye.

#2 The Competition

#2 The Competition

As mentioned above, nothing could match the might of hydraulic press till date but it seems that the press has finally gotten its match that can face the challenge of the press.

Which object do you think must have given this huge press a little competition? You would never believe that something as little as a steel ball bearing gave press a challenge.

Keep reading ahead to see how it competed with the hydraulic press.

#1 The Video

Although the ball bearing was destroyed in the end, the hydraulic press did not emerge unscathed from this encounter. Even it suffered little injuries (If I may say) here and there.

The visual is appealing and you just cannot miss it.

Checkout the video here.

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