This Baby Has Never Tasted Any Form Of Artificial Sugar. This Is Her Condition Now

All the parents should see this for sure...

#3 Artificial Sugar

#3 Artificial Sugar

As soon as a baby is born, the earliest source of nutrition for the baby is breast milk. It is healthy and an infant is totally depended on that. Months pass and we start giving the baby other things to eat and drink as well.

This is when your child is first introduced to unhealthy artificial sugars in the form of chocolates, cakes, ice creams etc. The question is How healthy is this?

Grace Cooper, a 13 month old baby's story will tell you.

#2 No Added Sugar

#2 No Added Sugar

Grace Cooper is 13 months old and till date has never consumed any form of added sugar. She does not know how a chocolate or a cake tastes like. Since so many food items have been removed from her diet, she also consumes low amount of carbohydrates.

Her mother Shan Cooper is a fitness expert and follows a similar diet that comprises of meat and vegetables. This might be considered as the paleo diet for babies, however Shan doesn't want to put a name to it.

Keep reading ahead to see how healthy this baby looks after 13 months of no added sugar with her Mom.

#1 A Healthy Baby

#1 A Healthy Baby

Grace Cooper, despite growing up on an unconventional diet plan, is actually a happy and healthy baby. Till date, she has only fallen sick once whereas kids of her age around her fall sick quite often.

Her Mom reported to the Daily Mail that she won't be angry if Grace consumes bread. She also has no problem in her going to other kid's parties and eating whatever is offered there.

All the parents should try maintaining such a diet for their new born babies.

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