This Abandoned Secret Town Is 6 Times The Size Of New York But Totally Hidden

I mean seriously....Where are the people?

#5 Do you know about Naypyidaw ?

#5 Do you know about
Naypyidaw ?

Naypyidaw, is the new capital city of Burma. It is an artificial tribute to the glorious military Junta, which successfully ruled the country of Myanmar since the World War II.

It was built using 26 billion Euros.

The money was borrowed from the Central Bank. A debt which has now fallen upon the shoulders of the already poor citizens.

#4 It was built by the ruler of Burma.

#4 It was built by the ruler of Burma.

The new capital was built by Shwe, the ruler of Burma. He is said to be a tyrannical ruler who pays no heed to the sufferings of his citizens.

Burma has one of the poorest citizens. Burma also happens to be one of the poorest countries in the South-East.

#3 Beautiful city!

#3 Beautiful city!

But no people!

That's right, this city is 6 times bigger than New York but has no citizens!It's biggest problem is trying to get new citizens!

It's become one of the biggest abandoned cities in the world!

#2 The New Capital!

#2 The New Capital!

The new capital was built 320 miles North of the old city capital of Yangon. The new capital was a barren land as compared to the cultural,historical and economic heartland of the country, Yangon.

The City has everything!

Hotels, housing projects, towers,...everything except people.

#1 A Western attraction!

#1 A Western attraction!

The new capital was built with the primary purpose of attracting the tourists from Western countries.

The government spent a huge amount to develop housing for millions of people!

But almost no residents to inhabit the city. The tourist spots are poorly designed, offering no substantial attractions. You even have free WiFi! But no people.

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