They pause to stare at each other. When she turns back around? I was STUNNED.

The unbelievably skilled duo performed feat of agility and grace unlike anything we've seen before.

#3 Dance Isn't About Moving With The Tune !

#3 Dance Isn't About Moving With The Tune !

This duo had a tough time to prove their talent to the judges and book a seat for the next level. But the moment the took a seconds pause and when they began...

#2 And Those Silky Moves.

#2 And Those Silky Moves.

It wasn't just a dance number but a whole story mesmerizingly narrated by those flawless moves and lifts. Trust is all it takes to give away such mind boggling performances that surely gonna steal many hearts.

Watch the sizzling performance ahead..

#1 None Could Take Their Eyes Off..

It was such a breath taking performance, some couldn't stop their tears seeing the bond between the two while judges watched with their eyes wide open. Have a look to this dazzling dance.

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