They Say It To Be The Cruelest Form Of Torture In History, And THIS Is Why...

This is possibly the cruelest way to torture a living being. Take a look..

#5 Pain And Suffering

#5 Pain And Suffering

We humans have a very special thing for pain and suffering in our hearts. There's a reason why we have words like Sadism and masochism in our dictionary.

We know about several ways in which humans have tortured other humans in the past and mind you, none of them is less painful than the other. But one of the cruelest torture method is The Chinese water.

#4 The Chinese Water

#4 The Chinese Water

The Chinese water torture technique begins more subtly, with a slow, progressive dripping of water on the forehead. Now one might think that how can drops of water affect a person?

This dripping of water can go on for days. And its effect can be unbelievably crazy.

Keep reading ahead to see how it affects.

#3 The Origin

#3 The Origin

The technique was originally created by Hippolytus de Marsiliis, an Italian lawyer and doctor who practiced in the 15th century. So this technique wasn't actually created in technique.

First, a restraint mask is often placed on the face of the recipient to prevent squirming and struggling. What happens next is disgusting.

#2 The Procedure

#2 The Procedure

They add ice in the water as well. Over time, this can result in some odd psychological phenomena. The ice water slowly starts falling on you in droplets and slowly ends up squeezing your senses in the brain.

It's like that moment when someone keeps repeating what you said non-stop. The video for the same is horrifying.

#1 The Video

As you will see in the video below, this woman says she feels like her brain is shrinking inside of her skull. I am not surprised at all. This is exactly how painfully (mental pain) it works.

Checkout the video.

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