They Never Knew This About Their Adopted Princes While Adopting Her. Take A Look

No one ever knew about this girls strange past. When they got to know about it, everyone was shocked...

#3 Sisters

#3 Sisters

No matter which country you live in, which religion you follow or which caste you come under, sisters are considered to be special everywhere in this world.

Bernie and Diane Lierow just wanted to bring this special feeling in their house. They even did that by adopting a girl child. But the story isn't over yet. Wait till you see what happened next.

#2 The Adoption

#2 The Adoption

Bernie and Diane Lierow are the proud parents of five boys and they felt like having a daughter would complete their family. After contacting a few adoption agencies, they zeroed on a very adorable 9 year old.

However, when the Lierows asked about her, they learned something shocking. Her past was scary. It was unbelievable.

Keep reading ahead to see what was wrong in her past.

#1 The Video

Not everyone is born lucky. At least this girl was surely not born lucky. Checkout the video below to see what exactly she had to face in her life before Bernie and Diane Lierow adopted her and gave her better life.

Take a look...

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