They Met On Social Media And Started Dating.. Now This World's Shortest Couple Proves Size..

Minor Paulo Gibreil da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino are the world's most brief couple- measuring under three feet.

#3 Height Is Just A Number.

#3 Height Is Just A Number.

When they say 'Love Is Blind', it's surely because love sees no age,distance, caste, colour and even height. It's mere numbers with no values over love. This is what exactly this beautiful couple has to say. Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino, bitten by dwarfism, showcased their amazing selfless love story.

#2 Technology Be The Cupid For Them.

#2 Technology Be The Cupid For Them.

The couple had first met on the social media site. Paulo, had fallen for Katyucia the moment he'd seen her. Katyucia, on the other hand, li'l obscured, had blocked him for a year, but then suddenly unblocked him and then they met. Taking next step forward as together.

Read ahead to watch their story ahead, its indeed incredible and breath-taking!

#1 The Bond Will Surely Make Love Them.

It's been 10 years now, since they've known each other but the bond has grown stronger and alluring. Give an eye go their story as they speak about their relationship.

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