They Look Like Two Ordinary Dancer, But When They Start Move ? Everybody Remains Speechless

Its great how the development of two slides buoy, and after that lift up in superb aerobatic exhibition.

#3 When Aerobatic And Gymnastic Comes Together

#3 When Aerobatic And Gymnastic Comes Together

Shenea Booth and Nicolas Besnard turned out to be a flawless dancer when hey performed this jaw-dropping dance number. While Nicolas highlighted more of aerobatic moves, Shenea showcased more of her gymnastic glory. They weren't only moving feet and body to the music but souls.

I'm quite sure this will be the best move you've seen..

#2 Dance It All The Way !

#2 Dance It All The Way !

`The lifts and the moves seemed like wind moving swiftly over water and making it grooving in a captivating manner. The lifts were like a composed poetry with each and every word so perfectly framed.

Watch the enticing video ahead

#1 The Video

The performance was a real treat to the eyes. They way they arched and how gracefully they completed each other, nothing could have been better than this !

Watch the video here..

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