These Golf Balls Are Far More Stronger Than You Think They Are

I had no idea that these golf balls are this strong. Take a look...

#3 Steam Roller

#3 Steam Roller

I guess all of you must have seen a steam roller. It is heavy and can potentially crush anything by merely rolling over that thing. That is what we thought as well.

What do you reckon would happen if a steamroller rolls over a golf ball. I expected to see a mess with the tattered bits of golf balls flying all over the place.

#2 Tiny Golf Balls

#2 Tiny Golf Balls

Well, my guess was extremely wrong. Something as tiny as a golf ball survived this challenge of letting something as heavy as a steam roller to roll over it.

Not only the golf ball does not explode it is not even crushed by the heavy weight passing over it. Unbelievable!

Checkout the amazing footage of this thing happening ahead.

#1 The Video

So turns out that Golf Balls are made of a Rubber compound and this rubber compound makes it all bouncy as well as durable.

This rubber compound might just be the biggest reason behind the perfect condition of the golf ball even after the rolling. Check out the video.

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