There Is Another Person In This Picture. Do You See It?

How long will you take to find another person in this picture? I took 10 seconds...

#3 Observation Skills

#3 Observation Skills

Couple of days ago, I discussed the importance of spot on observation skills to excel in any profession. I love bringing new tests every now and then for you guys to make sure that your eyes are tested regularly.

Today as well, I have an extremely brilliant brain teaser for you. I'll show you a picture and ask you a simple question. The answer will be hidden in the image itself. So are you ready? Let's start.

#2 The Picture

#2 The Picture

This is the picture that I was talking about. The picture looks really pretty and romantic, right? Look at the picture properly. There are 2 people in the image, right? Actually, there are 3. You have to find the third one.

Look at the image properly again. Can you spot the third person? It took me exactly 10 seconds.

Keep reading ahead to see the answer.

#1 The Solution

#1 The Solution

Checkout the image above. Now you see the answer? The tree looks like a baby. In fact, it is pretty much like a baby. Observed it in the first go? No? So how long you took to figure out the answer?

Keep checking out this space for more such tests.

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