The entire school shows up at this teacher's funeral. But when they do THIS I got goosebumps.

Echoing for eternity.

#3 Funeral-With a difference

#3 Funeral-With a difference

What do you when one of the most respected professor of your's passes away? Generally, a half- day is declared, eminent teachers and student representatives attend his/her funeral and pay tributes on behalf of the entire school. The next day's morning assembly is all dedicated to his/her achievements and commendable tenure in the school.

But. This is different! What these kids did got me goosebumps!

#2 Mourning over the loss!

#2 Mourning over the loss!

Dawson Tamatea, popular mathematics teacher and gym trainer, of Palmerston North School, Wellington received an entirely eerie and distinct farewell. His death was no mere loss. Being extremely popular and a loved teacher the entire school were mourning the loss. The entire school, staff and student inclusive, wanted to pay their heartiest tribute to the departed soul in his funeral.

To pay the final condolence, they all gathered in the school and did something that's not really expected!

Watch the video ahead, I'm sure you'll be as shocked as I am!

#1 The Video

It was then when the authorities decided to give him a tribute so spectacular; a Haka. Haka is a dance, as per New Zealand's tradition, performed to scare enemies. You will see in the video, how exceptional and energetic performance it was by the students paying their respect to their beloved professor. The entire school gathered in the afternoon, performed the dance with all inside them, and paid a tribute to so worth to a teacher like Mr. Dawson.

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