The Woman Was Bullied Simply Because She Wore This Dress. Checkout What Is Wrong With The Dress

This is totally unfair and cannot be justified...

#5 Getting Ready For A Marriage

#5 Getting Ready For A Marriage

Looking good is really important if you are about to attend a social gathering. You just cannot afford to not look attractive if attending a marriage. We choose the best clothes that we have to wear on such occasions.

But just in case, if you didn't get it quite right and other guests at the party were rude to you because they didn't like your dress, how would you feel?

#4 Liz Krueger

#4 Liz Krueger

This is exactly what happened with Liz Krueger. The entire case came into the limelight after a New Zealand radio station recently posted a photo on its Facebook page of a woman who wore a body con dress to a wedding.

The woman was Liz. Not even in her weirdest dreams she must have thought that she will be subjected to this level of humiliation after wearing the dress.

Checkout what happened with this extremely pretty fitness trainer ahead.

#3 Post By The Radio Station

#3 Post By The Radio Station

So this is what was written by the Radio Station while uploading this picture.

"Can we get some advice from you please? A friend wore this dress to a wedding in the weekend and got targeted big time. She says she got treated rudely by other women at the wedding who saw her as a target for wearing this dress. A woman came up behind her and slapped her on the bum and said it was on a dare from a group of other women who were watching and snickering. Someone else seemingly purposely spilt a beer on her. She's amazed that grown women could be so immature and such bullies. Okay, but wait. She wants to know - Did she bring ANY of this on herself by wearing this dress to a wedding? Your thoughts?"

#2 The Post

#2 The Post

Liz has a great fan following on social media platforms and therefore she decided to share this picture on her own with her followers without her face obscured. She herself confirmed that the story is true and she was bullied.

There was nothing wrong in her dress. She was just bullied because a few women out there didn't like what she was wearing.

#1 #Kruegerkindness

The Photo that Liz shared went viral online and there has even been a hashtag labelled #Kruegerkindness to show support for Liz. More and more people should support Liz in this case in order to eradicate the bullying completely from our society.

Today be proud of your country and be proud of yourself! This world needs more love, and less hate. 🇺🇸❤️ I hope #KruegerKindness can continue to be spread worldwide bc hatred isn't something specific to me and my situation, it's everywhere. Happy 4th of July! Do something kind today while you're out celebrating. Our country needs a big ole hug right about now! #KruegerKindness #4thofJuly #worldwide #peace #happiness #love #proudtobeanamerican #proudofmyself #kindness #hugsandkisses #fireworks #dogood #bebetter #stophate #nobullying

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