The Way We Use Escalators Is Not How They Were Originally Made To Be Used...

Checkout the correct way to use Escalators. This is how you use it!

#3 Escalator

#3 Escalator

Escalators are definitely real soothers when it comes to displacing yourself from one floor to another with heavy bags in hand thanks to the already shopped material.

We really can't climb stairs after the tiresome session of intense selection process between the products of different brands. Not only that, escalators are installed in possibly every single public place to help your cause. But are we really using it correctly?

#2 Very Wrong

#2 Very Wrong

Well, you'll be surprised to know that we use escalator in a very wrong way. That's because there are some people who step on an escalator and just stop dead.

Confused? Well, don't be. We'll tell you how we are using it wrong and the correct way to use it!

Keep reading ahead to know that.

#1 The Correct Way

#1 The Correct Way

The escalator when originally invented was built to cut down on human labor, yes but not completely. It was made to help us. It was originally designed to facilitate a smooth walk over the stairs (which explains the escalator moving at a speed facilitating climbing).

But people just don't move. Most countries now follow escalator etiquette and encourage commuters to follow the same, by putting up posters demonstrating the correct use of the escalator. So the next time you are up on an escalator, Just keep moving.

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