The Village In Kazakhstan That Can't Stay Wake

The sleeping problem that plagues Kazakhstan!

#3 A problem that makes sleeping a dreaded affair...

#3 A problem that makes sleeping a dreaded affair...

There is a quaint little town in the middle of Kazakhstan called Kalachi. Located in the center of the country towards the North, this town might seem like a perfect place to settle down. A calm and serene environment that beckons you to stay. But be warned! Nearly half of the 600 people population are moving away. Or they want to, before they end up sleeping for days at a stretch.

No one knows why!

It all started in the Spring of 2013. Approximately 10 villagers wound up in the hospital with similar symptoms of dizziness, memory loss, some loss of motor control too! But the strangest similarity was that all of them fell asleep just like that in a moment!

#2 From kids to adults, all suffered

#2  From kids to adults, all suffered

Everyone aged between 14-70 years suffered from this! And all of them had absolutely no warning when they fell asleep and could not be woken up for days. All of them had different activities- light schedules and packed schedules, different routines. Yet all of them suffered from it!

It was a mystery!

Then all of a sudden in May 2013 the sleeping sickness abated. And everyone gradually forgot about it. But then it returned in January 2014. And made consequent returns in May and August.

Read ahead what the reports say about the problem..

#1 The sleep that everyone dreads!

#1 The sleep that everyone dreads!

And with the prevalence of the disease, many researchers flocked to Kazakhstan to find the root of this disease. As per the Vice Reports,7,000 tests on patients and the town's air, food, water, and general environment, no signs of bacterial, viral, chemical, radiological, or any other contamination have been identified.

The logical reason so far has been the shift from cold to warm weather. But yet the sleeping madness remains largely unexplained. And many people are leaving town in hopes of escaping this sleeping curse.

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