The Stranger Approaches The Mothers On The Beach And Kisses Them. The Reaction Of Their Kids? Amazing...

This famous YouTuber had a very nice day out. See how he did that...

#5 First Mom

#5 First Mom

Talk about players and this Youtuber might just be the biggest of them you must have ever witnessed. A day out at beach for us is to relax our brain but for this man, it was just about having some fun.

He had a plan to make out with all the hot Moms on the beach and this is the first Mom he approached. Immediately, he says to her that she is absolutely gorgeous. He also makes a good impression on her son, Colby.

After this, he asks the mother if he could get a kiss from her if he correctly guesses Colby's age. The kid was 6 and he guessed it right. As a prize, he got a nice long kiss.

#4 Second Mom

#4 Second Mom

Next up was this pretty Mom. He had the same drill with her as well. Just like with the first woman, he asked if it would be okay to get a kiss from her if he guessed her son's age.

Her son was seven and he guessed it right. As a result, a nice long kiss. Boy, this man knows his game right!

He met a few more Moms ahead. A lot more is going to happen. Things you must have not expected. The reaction of these kids.

Keep reading ahead to know all of that.

#3 Third Mom

#3 Third Mom

Somehow, he ended up landing with extremely hot Moms every time. Look at this one. Isn't she extremely pretty with a very cute kid?

He tells her the same condition, and the mommy wasn't sure at first until she asked her baby. The answer he gave was a year but the baby was just 9 months old. They made out anyway.

#2 The Final Mom

#2 The Final Mom

And finally comes this Mom. The child was two years old. The mother couldn't believe he guessed it correctly, and she gave him a long kiss.

#1 The Reaction Of The Kids

Just so that you know, these kisses were really long and hot. The reaction of the kids is something worth watching. Specially the fist kid. You just can't miss it.

Take a look...

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