The One Little Feature Which Has Saved The Lives Of Hundreds Of Children

This one feature in your ball point that we don't even notice that often has saved the lives of tons of human beings till date. Check out which feature is this.

#2 Ballpoint Pens

#2 Ballpoint Pens

Almost everyone uses ballpoint pens. We use them everyday but how often do we observe them properly? Have you ever thought about why the pen cap looks the way it does?

There is a logical explanation behind this. It all happened in 1991 when the BIC company presented the world with a new design solution for its pens. So this new design had a small hole in the top of the cap of their extremely popular Cristal Pen.

The Innovation

The Innovation

This innovation of the hole in the top of the cap is so small that almost every time no one notices it. But this decision of having this hole on the top is by far the best decision a Pen company has ever taken.

You might think the significance of this design. I am sure you must be thinking about the importance of this hole and How has it saved so many lives so far.

What if I tell you that this design has saved even my life once? And even yours.

Keep reading ahead to see how!

#1 The Reason

#1 The Reason

Almost every child in this world has this habit of tasting all kinds of objects which fall into their hands, especially small ones which they can fit whole in their mouths. And when it's a pen, even adults like to chew upon the cap when they are nervous or thinking.

A pen cap can very easily get lodged in a person's windpipe, causing them to choke. This is when this design becomes so useful.

In such situations, that little hole in the cap helps a person get enough oxygen while the ambulance is on its way. This is why we have that hole on the top. Ever thought about it in this way?

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