The Mother Had No Other Option But To Lay Her Baby In The Sink While He was Sleeping

Checkout why this mother had to leave her son in the sink while he was asleep...

#3 Mothers Love

#3 Mothers Love

No one in this world can ever love you the way your mother does. She can do anything for you. I don't even have to mention that because it is a universal fact that everyone knows.

But look at this baby. His name is Isaiah. Her mom would leave him in the sink or a bath tub every time he'd sleep. Now this is something that no mother will ever do with their 3 month old son, right?

#2 Eczema

#2 Eczema

Isaiah is now suffering from this disease called Eczema. Therefore, when he was just 3 months old, he started developing a red rash on his face. Isaiah's pediatrician prescribed a cream. His mom would apply it every day following his doctor's indications.

But nothing helped. If anything, the rash just got worse. Isaiah would just cry all the time. Stephanie noticed that Isaiah would calm down if she put him in water. This is when she would let the kid sleep peacefully under water while she would do her research online about this disease.

Keep reading ahead to see what she found out about this disease and the condition of Isaiah now.

#1 The Solution

#1 The Solution

And after doing some research on the internet, she found out that Isaiah's condition was quite common. To cure it, all she needed was a mixture of lemon grass and zinc.

This mixture did wonders on Isaiah's skin and the rashes started healing. Look at this cheerful baby now. So happy for him.

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