VIDEO: The Judges Rejected His Sister Moments Before,So He Walks On Stage And Changes Everything

There's ability and afterward there's Calum Scott. He's been named the 'Brilliant Boy' of 'England's Got Talent' and the seconds he starts singing..

#3 Talent Sings Along !

#3 Talent Sings Along !

Calum Scott, a contestant from England's Got Talent walks in moments later when his sister was sent back stating that she wasn't trained or the one they are looking for. But when he shows what he's got, look what the judges had to say.

#2 As His Voice Touched The Strings Of Their Heart.

#2 As His Voice Touched The Strings Of Their Heart.

Soon when Calum began to sing 'Dancing on my own' by Robyn, the audience cheered him and supported his potential. His smooth voice couldn't have missed an ear. And then judges' reaction was a surprise of both Calum and his sister.

See this incredible performance in the video ahead!!

# The Toughest of All Melted Like An Ice.

Simon Cowell, the most inspiring voice in the music world, stood up the moment Scott ended and without giving it a second thought pushed the brilliant bell. But this wasn't the only thing..

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