The Girl Assaulted Her BF At least A Dozen Times. What Happened Next Is Shocking...

This time, a girl assaulted a boy. What exactly happened with her in the end is surprising. Take a look...

#3 This Girl

#3 This Girl

This world is weird and is slowly moving towards an unending dark tunnel that has no exit whatsoever. The incidents that happen in our society are disgusting.

This girl that you see in the picture raped her boyfriend 12 times. The incident took place in Barangay, Cordilleras where the girl was arrested.

#2 Physical Intimacy

#2 Physical Intimacy

Mikoy, an 18-year-old boy confessed that his girlfriend was obsessed with $ex and asked him to do painful things. Physical intimacy is surely an important part of every relationship but not without a dual consent.

The boy was physically harmed. He highlighted the fact that his girlfriend made him do painful things. But how exactly did these painful things affected the boy?

Keep reading ahead to know what boy suffered through and what happened with the girl.

#1 The Injured Boy

#1 The Injured Boy

After examination, doctors found that the boy's anus was injured terribly. The boy went ahead and sued his girlfriend. When psychologists talked to the boy, they found that he did not even want to have $ex. He was a$exual.

Along with the physical injuries, the boy suffered mental trauma as well. He is being counselled while his girlfriend is serving her punishment behind the bars right now.

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>> The Girl Assaulted Her BF At least A Dozen Times. What Happened Next Is Shocking...
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